Bringing Back the Past Memories~


Locations of bazaar to open...

Notice serangoon garden the village mall is worst then star vista shopping mall crowd... Goodness...

Still waiting for BlogShopAsia to announce the winners for star vista chirstmas deco booth.

So far... No news from them.. Emailed them... And they said waiting for management to reply.

Really wondering if it's true that 1st prize will get $300..

Maybe it will be internal ar~
Or maybe they said that to bluff ppl to tk their booth.

Cos so far, when I was at the booth.. Only my booth decorate.. I don't see other booth decorate as much as mine... Lol...

Well.. I seriously hope that they do what they say~=x

Here's a picture of my booth! 😝

McDonald Pj Breakfast Party!

Come and join us!!!

McDonald’s will be offering All Day Breakfasts from 1 to 4 January 2015 for all breakfast-lovers. Hurray!!!!

Breakfast favourites such as Hotcakes Meal, Hotcakes with Sausage Meal and Breakfast Deluxe Meal will be available till 5pm over the four days at all McDonald’s restaurants2 in Singapore. Muwahahaha.. You will never miss Breakfast timing within this 4days now!!!

For the first time ever, they are organising a pyjama party as a fun way to wrap up the year and to thanks customers for the support over the years."

For More info on how to get breakfast coupons.

pls click the link abv!!!! 😁

Big Changes of My Life!

It's been 3yrs.. Since my last blogspot. Within this 3yrs it's the biggest changes in my life. Well~ I'm now married with 2 kids!!! 😱 Unbelievable right~ it's only 3yrs~ =.="! My elder son is 2yrs plus now.. And my youngest son is 6mths plus.. Times really flies~ 

I have straggled thru out.. Even till now.. Life's really don't turns out the way you would like to have.

Everyday it's like a battle field to me.. Lol.. Just look at the time now.. It's 3.06am.. Shag..

1 hand blogging.. Another hand shaking hammock.. Zzz.. I just don't understand the young 1... Why he keep crying every mins.. When he is slping.. Nightmare??? Not sure~=.="!..

Well here's the picture of them, opening Xmas present and playing with it.. =D

ANGER of the day...~

Grrr.. i don't know why i had a life like that..
i had a mum that is annoying... n everything i do..
she just *kan bu shuang*~

I had a bf.. that is irritating, paranoid + Psychopathic..
He also led me to the dead end FULL OF DEBTS from afew BANKS~!

Well~ We just broke off a few hrs ago...
becoz he always... everytime thinking i had another guy..
i wonder why..o.0.. lame right?!

Anyway~~~ FML~! YAY! *wink*


別打開 禮物的緞帶
最初充滿期待 最後都腐敗
別打開 午夜的電臺

而愛 並沒有教給我生存
可是愛 讓我們變成陌生人

不要吻我 只要抱著我
不要愛我 做我的親人
把手借我 一天一分鐘
不是誰的情人 誰的某某某

就算我 全身濕透透
我也不再被誰 牽著鼻子走
如果我 還握住拳頭

而愛 並不如你想的萬能
可是愛 連慈悲也沒多慈悲

*不要吻我 只要抱著我
不要愛我 做我的親人
把手借我 一天一分鐘

Repeat *

我不知道 - 唐笑

我看见她躲在了你的怀里 大声笑

你们的白头偕老 我一直都不知道
你不爱我 我却不知道

但为什么有眼泪顺着嘴角 一直掉

你们的白头偕老 我一直都不知道
你不爱我 我却不知道
我不知道 我以为我们会很好

你不爱我 我却不知道
你不爱我 我现在才知道


Suddenly think of blogging.. haha..
since such a long time i nv blog about anything..
hmmm.. i was watching this 单身公主相亲记,
and it aspired me.. i think i will write about my life story..
since the day i was a little gal.. =D

Well.. mostly my friends thinks that my life story is quite interesting..
but.. hmmm.. i don't know where should i start from.

Maybe introductions.. haha..
I got Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Step Mother, Step Younger Sister & Step Younger brother.

isit interesting? =P..

Anyone wants me to go on telling my story?
leave some comments.. hmmm.. like asking me questions..
so i will answer.. and there i will write out my life story.. heex..

The End!

Female 50 Gorgeous People 2010

The Search For Gorgeous People Is On!

23 July 2010 (Fri)
Velvet Underground and Zouk
10pm – 2am


Congratulations to the 20 winners of our 'THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE’ contest! You've each won a set of movie premiums (Wolf Pack bag clip, a set of movie postcards & a poster)!

Check your email for prize collection details!

1. Ivan Gan - SXXXX696D

2. Low Yong Yong - SXXXX685E

3. Sheril Natasha Camelia Bte Aziz - SXXXX132H

4. Ng Hui Li Phyllis - SXXXX234F

5. Pavithra Pandian - SXXXX895H

6. Toh Sing Gui - SXXXX367I

7. Rafiqa Haja Maidin - SXXXX512F

8. Salimah bte Mohd Saleh - SXXXX305E

9. Calvin Ong - SXXXX753Z

10. Sim Yi Ling - SXXXX624I

11. Janier Chua - SXXXX700A

12. Lua Kian Meng - SXXXX321C

13. Foo Hanlin - SXXXX553J

14. Foo Ling Fang - SXXXX007F

15. Suhafana bte Roseli - SXXXX018C

16. Chee Min Hui - SXXXX192C

17. Chew Shi Hong - SXXXX837B

18. Koh Kok Siang Kyros - SXXXX332B

19. Melinda Koh - SXXXX871J

20. Mohd Shahab - GXXXX778N

21. Nicholas Chee - SXXXX570D

22. Koo Wen Kiat - SXXXX277G

23. Sng Wei Ling Riona - SXXXX490H

24. Yeo Luoqi - SXXXX330Z

25. Siti Khairunnisa bte Ayob - SXXXX351I

26. Theresse Vanessa Pereira - SXXXX175I

27. Victoria Marilyn Apps - SXXXX558F

28. Sia Ying Hui - SXXXX529I

29. Amalina Bte Abdul Nasir - SXXXX244D

30. Cassandra Chng - SXXXX429F

31. Low Yao Yang - SXXXX422B

32. Yap Hwee Him - SXXXX760F

33. Sng Way Cheng Dada - SXXXX956C

Invitation to Singapore Blog Awards 2010 @ Movida, St James Power Station, 4pm, 10 July 2010 (Sat)

Wow.. Yes.. I'm invite to this event..
hahaha.. just wonder if i can bring my friends along..
hmmm... they didn't reply me about my enquires.. =x

[Dear bloggers,
Thank you for your RSVP. :) is please to invite you to our Singapore Blog Awards 2010. See you this Saturday (10 July).]

You're Not Sorry by Taylor Swift

All this time i was wasting
Hoping you would come around
I've been giving out chances every time
And all you do is let me down

And it's taking me this long
Baby but i figured you out
And you're thinking we'll be fine again
But not this time around

You don't have to call anymore
I won't pick up the phone
This is the last straw
Don't wanna hurt anymore

And you can say that you're sorry
But i don't believe you baby
Like i did before
You're not sorry no no no no

Looking so innocent
I might believe you if i didn't know
Could've loved you all my life
If you hadn't left me waiting in the cold

And you got your share of secrets
And i'm tired of being last to know
And now you're asking me to listen
Cause it's worked each time before

But you don't have to call anymore
I won't pick up the phone
This is the last straw
Don't wanna hurt anymore

And you can tell me that you're sorry
But i don't believe you baby
Like i did before
You're not sorry no no oh
You're not sorry no no oh

You had me falling for you honey
And it never would've gone away no
You used to shine so bright
But i watched all of it fade

So you don't have to call anymore
I won't pick up the phone
This is the last straw
There's nothing left to beg for

And you can tell me that you're sorry
But i don't believe you baby
Like i did before
You're not sorry no no oh
You're not sorry no no oh
No oh no oh no oh
Whoa no no

Invitation to Singapore Blog Awards 2010 @ Movida, St James Power Station, 4pm, 10 July 2010 (Sat)

Wow.. received Email from omy Blog Club...
Am so going to attent it.. hopefully i'm able to get in the list.. =D

Wonder will they allow me to bring friends along?
Jo-ann will go with me right? if am able to bring.. =p

Random Post.

I'm Kinda up sad today.

Do i looks like i'm a slut or something?
I really don't understands why you have to think this way.

Confused.. =.="!..

*No mood to continue writing this post..


Shopping at JB~

Went to JB holiday plaza with sam and desmond ytd at ard 6pm.
Tot will be going with jia xiang they all too..
but jia xiang didn't pick up our calls.. weird.. o.0?

When reach there i Shopped around at found that i had nth to buy.. lmao.

After that we went to don't know which part of JB..
eat at Restaurant!!! ^^.. Cheap and YUMMY~ heh heh..

Then we went to shop again..
i buy DVD player only SGD38+ super cheap.. =D..
Hope that it won't spoilt so easily.. =x

Then i also buy Blender~ Finally can make my Ice Blend!! =)

and sam buy 2sets packets of Drinks~

Desmond only buy vegetable oil.. o.0???

They both Went all the way there just to buy that.. haha.. =.="!..

After that i went back home..
and i happliy set up my DVD player..
and watched 3 different movies with it till morning.. XD..

Highlight Below to see P.S.. =x

(* Somehow sam tio fines $200 for helping friend to buy 1 pack of cigarette..
just 1 pack only.. the officer also don't give chances..
he don't let sam open it out and take 1 out..
also don't let sam to throw away.. if not he will fines him more.. =.="!..
Sam told him he got no $200.. he told sam to either go court pay more fines..
or ask family to transfer him now.. or find ways to pay up the fines now..
so sam bo bian.. go lent from desmond $200 to pay the officer..
zzz.. poor sam.. he bai bai paid $200.. just to help friend.. =.="!..
and the friend i don't think she got money.. coz she not working..
don't think she will give sam the $200 plus the pack of the cigarette cost also.. ='(
Coz the officer said paid $200 fine.. if wanna take back the cigarette have to pay $7 more.. =.="!
Like that the cigarette will cost him $212 already ma.. faint..
so sam nv take the cigarette lor..
then the officer cut the cigarette into half infront of sam..
Well only can said that sam is really suay.. =(..
Sad for him.. T_T.. Singapore is such a FINES country.. =x *)


Yesterday night went to maska to countdown mother's day with
my mother.. my mother's friends, my sister and my brother.. hohoho.. =p
I order 12 shooters for $105!!! omg.. so expensive.. lucky not my money..
is my friend treat.. XD.. i drank 4shots.. my friend drink 6shots..
and the rest is drank by the rest of the ppl.. =p

My face was sososososo RED!!!!! my eyes kanna abit too.. =x

I spended $84 just to make myself looks good on the day.. =.="!
and my mum still said..Why i fa qiao suddenly?!!!! ROAR!!!!.. Sadded.. T_T

After that we went to newton to have seafood!!! YUMMY~!! with my mother and her friends..
my sis and bro went off after maska.. =(

Hope my mum had a great night.. ^^

Wish all Mothers in the whole wide world.. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! ^^

Rallied for EASB Best Individualistic Blog

Yoz... yoz... come support my blog at

okok? Thank you orh.. wahahah... <333

MisUnderstanding Became Hatred!

I don't know why i'm angry.. with those people.. i shouldn't have..
Are they friends or what? Why they can't take a simple joke?
Why do they think that they are always correct?

I always trieds to say something good about them..
when ppl always critise alot about them..
Although sometimes.. i will also critise them..
when i'm really angry with them...
Sometimes they just really Buye Zi Dong.
Buye tahan.. =.="!..

But I think i treats all my friends pretty good enough..
Even though i'm not very good with them...

Even though i'm very poor..
i will not be stingy to my friends.

Even though i have to lent money from ppl..
Just to buy something for others..
I will Do it..

What they wish to have.. i will try my best to gift.
and nv onces think of them.. will return anything back..

And because of this..
people always thinks that i'm really stupid..
To treat them so nice.. and gets nth in returns.....

Isn't i'm good enough? Haiz~

I think they just can't feels anything..
when they only think of themself...

Sad to Say.. i'm really up sad..
when i have friends like that..
My God.. stop playing with my life!
Thank you...


Hi all, Hope that everyone will have a great year ahead.. ^^

Yesterday night 31 dec 09, 11.35pm.. whoever listen to 933..
will know that i wish them happy new year..^^

1st time dial in... so happy.. wahahaha... =p..

2 more days to FOO QI HUA 21st Birthday!!
Hope that he will have a wonderful 21st bday celebrations with his New Gf~
""This year i'm out of your list.. =x..""
Wish both of you happy forever & ever after~
Rmb to invite me to your weddings if you ever gets married orh~ =P
Regards Ex.DaPiGuMeiNvChuTouLaoPo.. =x

The Help Of My Friends FINAL PROJECT!

Finally, the video is out..
let's watch the tralier and give some comments.. >.<

wahaha.. =p..

Vengeance - The Death Wish Gets The Best Director Awards~ Gratz Shin Mei..^^

DeJa Vu Gets The Best Flim Awards~ Gratz Callie..^^

And Thanks everyone for the hard work of this 2 flim.. =)

Tralier of Vengeance - The Death Wish

Tralier of DeJa Vu

你的承诺 - 海鸣威 & 泳儿




oh baby




oh baby





Finally finish shooting horror film,
which i helped my ex classmate for their final project...

It's was so scary,
because they film on the start of Chinese 7 Months!!!

OMG... at 1st i don't really want it..
but Li yue helped me to go si ma lu..
to pray for a protections amulet..=x
so there's no reason for me to push away this role..>.<

Ehhh...I got some scratches on my elbow..
at the lift scene.. which i have to be very scare..
and i squatted down...
Didn't notices there is a small metal long bar at the btm..=.="!..

The lift scene was terrible..
hard to shoot.. coz unknown ppl which stays at that blk..
keep on using the lift.. so keep on NG!!!!

Sianz..~!!! and my knee got Blue Black..
at the lift scene also..
which i have to faster crawl out of the lift...zZzzz..
the floor is so dirty... sob..T_T..
but i have to bare with it... =(

Hmmm.. i hope that..
i have done well for my acting in their film..=P

At the end of the filming..
The LAST DAY..wahahahhaa....
i took a picture with Johan Video Camera..
It was so Big.. and Heavy~!!!.. =.="!...

But i like it... ^^...
Callie help me take this photo..
i covered my face..
coz when ppl take picture of me..
I don't know y.. it's always looks werid.. =X

After that.. i went to meet min min and sam for supper!!!
it's was actually my lunch or dinner... >.<..
we went to Chong Pang there.. the Nasi Lemak..
Not bad.. quite nice...

After finish our food..
I buy the tao hui next to the Nasi lemak store.. ^^
hmmm...also Not bad.. quite nice to eat.. and smells good.. heex...

Then send min min home..
and she is going to get..
Alot of Nagging from his dad again.. =x

The Chioest Mahjong i ever Played

BeBe(zara) always complained my blog stuck on july 10,
wahaha.. i was so lazy to blog..

So.... i try to recall what i did, this pass few weeks.. =p..
Look thru my phone and i saw this picture,
which i Won with.. wahahaha...
I changed this post date and time,
to the day and time which i shoot this picture... =)

Nice right? heex... never knew i can be so lucky,
I'm always suay 1, and WOW.. i can actually Won this tiles...!!!

I think it was Nan Feng, and i was Nan,Bei... not NaBei ar~!!!
that arief always says Dong Nan Xi Bei, then what..
Nan,Dong... Nan,Nan... Nan,Xi.. and Nabei..=.="!

Luckily we maximum tai only play wu tai...
if not they paid me until siao..
although we only play liang mao, si mao.. =x..

Hmmm... alright.. not much to say liao...
will post another times.. when i feel like blogging.. heex...=P


Sianz.. Today wanted to go media corp and watch viarty show de...
But then i tot i know the road..
so sam decided to give me a ride there...

End up we Lost Our Ways....
keep on going the wrong lane..
2-3times.. zZzzz....=.="!
Wanna go media corp from thomson there..
donno how come went up to novena there..
then turn back.. end up turn wrong again to toa payoh there...
then keep on turning and turning more and more wrong..
until we almost reach queenstown... faint...!!!

Then sam saw holland village.. so he turn to there...
then the time was already 7.30pm...
we went out the hse at 6.20pm..
We have been Mi Lu for 1Hr and 10mins..
Still.. we haven find the way back..

So i decided not to go media corp liao..
Sam was so ANGRY.. and keep on scolding bad words..
and Fa Pi Qi on me.. KNS..!!!

Then after that he wants to go home...
we tried to avoid ERP.. coz very ex ma..
End up bo bian.. the ERP in the middle..
before we can turn to another land...
so bo bian lor.. we went in the ERP...

The Cash Card Machine Tio Error..!!!
OMG..!!! Then sam kpkb again...
He says just wake up and send me to media corp..
but Keep on Mi Lu.. Now Card Tio Error..
Going to tio FINES again liao...
then he says spoilt his whole day de mood...=x

Few Days ago.. we watch ICE AGE 3 with wudi..
then sam wei le save $1 de coupons..
Tio $20 FINES Ticket.. for Parking... Faint... hahaha..
He so Damm Du Lan..
Within a week only... tio Fines 2Times..hahaha..=x
and he just got his licences only..
Then he said... sooner or later..
his parents won't let him Drive again liao la..
Then he says F**K SG... WHAT ERP..!!! >.<

New Hair Cut

Had a New Hair Cut today~!!!
Looks abit like mushroom head... =.="!..
Min Min says i cut like this..
looks more younger like teenager 15-16yrs old.. DOTS!!!

Sam also cut his hair..wahahaha...
Looks like xiao boy boy.. noob noob 1..LOL..

After that went to jia xiang hse..
Eat dinner at his hse with min min..
sam da bao $5 de samba fried rice and we all share.
Not nice 1.. coz we try other store..went to Blk 133 and buy.
Blk 122 de samba fried rice is better.. =)

After that we went home lor... bored... =X

Should It Be the Saddes Day, Or Memorable Day?

It's Hurt, when i tries to talks to you by calling your house phone,
by using fake voice to make you answer the call,
using real voice to ask back for my blanket...
and you don't even give a damm.

Why can't we be friends again? I really don't understands.
Did my past "me" hurts you so badly?
If thats so, I'm really sorry.
But i really hopes that we can be friends again..

Back to the normal past.. when we can talks whenever we want.
I really sad when it's the date of 8th which should be our anniversary,
you don't even bother to chat with me.. T_T
You just say nonono.. and bye bye.. and phone CUT! =.="!

You LIED!!! You said i can take back my blanket whenever i wants to.
Now you say cannot..!!!!! I really HATes You~ But Kanna Miss you..
I don't know what i'm thinking~~~ zzzZZzz...

Did i regret leaving you?? I really don't know..
I just know that you will be happier without me..
and maybe i can find a new life without you..
so i left... and it's sad when i still have feelings for you.. =x

I think i should learn to let go... T_T...

My Thoughts

Hmmm... i didn't come in to blog for a few week already.
I'm quite lazy to blog actually.. hahaha..=x

*Is Quite sad and hurt when you found out someone that you tries to talks to.. has blocked you, changed number and didn't want to tell..*

It's better.. if you do it.. and don't let me finds out.
at least.. i won't feel hurt.. and i will be there stupidly talking to myself..
without knowing it.. and i will tot that you read it.. =p

Hmmm.. Been working for a few week with min min at bubble tea shop..
Can come and look for us at Blk 107, Serangoon North Ave 1.. to buy drinks and food.. =x
But i'm not working everyday.. haha.. min min is the 1 who works most of the time..

Well... It's irritated by my mum.. always talks to me about MONEY~
and i really lazy to work.. but still i did work.. but not everyday..
although the pay is super low... $4/hr.. but at least i'm not so tired.. =P

Hope that everything goes well for me.. heex..
i wish i can stay a life freely with no worries..
*xiao yao zhi zai de guo shen huo..* (Kou tou chan of the anime Shaman king, Charater "Yo")

Er... min min ask me to write on my blog.. but i really donno what to write la.. hahaha..
so i will stop for today.. ^^

MahJong At Jia Xiang House

Hmmm...Today was so tired..morning 4-5am slp..and wake up at 9am.. =.=

Sam going to help his mum buy liverpool's tickets at courts.. at 9am...
but he wake up late at 8.30am.. reach donno which courts was about 9am+++...

He Q-ups 2X to buy 5tickets... because 1 person can only buy 4tickets per time..
so he has to Q-ups 2X... hahahha...

He called me after he brought the liverpool's tickets..
he meet me at Amk Hub to watch movie...
but i from 10am+ take my own sweeeeeeet time..
"di li dare li" till 12pm plus then i reach there... wahahaha...
We watch The Conspiracy at 1.15pm .....------->>>

This show is quite nice... Super Power Phone he had...
But dangers phone~ but still i which to have this phone
to get $6mil++ 1 jackpot.. hahaha...
But i don't wish to kill by this phone.. =x..

The show was 1hrs 45min..
After the show was about 3.10pm already...
I not maths fail orh.. coz before show starts always got advertisment ma..=x

Then sam wanted to play mario car racing..
today i win him 3TIMES over 4~ Muwahaha..
then he at there saying he using lousy car lor..
blah blah blah... don't admit lose.. yawns~

so after we play finsh was about 4.20pm..
i'm going to Amk ITE to help my friends with their project shooting.
so sam went to koven there to book for his next drving lessons.
but ends up.. he waited so long can only book lessons on july~!!!
his TP will start in 2nd July.. so he book for what..
he wasted his times and traveling... =X
so he called sarah,yokemin they all to meet-ups..
sarah suggested to go Amk hub..
Poor sam.. has to go back Amk hub again.. LOL..

When i reach Amk ITE..was about 4.50pm.. haha..
Bus 88 waited very long..
then i go in the sch customer service first..
to ask whether they can print for me my bishan ite cert...
because i have lost it..=x..
It cost me $20 to print 2papers... zzzzzzzz...
so expensive ar..their paper..

So Ailing come in the customer service there...
to company me to wait for them to print out..

After that about 5pm plus..
Ailing and me walk to the studio...
to see what they need me to do...

Wow.. they have learnt so many equipments already..
it seems to be very fun.. hahahha...
but end up i at there do nth... =.=...
abit waste of my time.. but nvm la... hahaha..
go there see see also not bad... =p...

After that about 7.35pm..
I went back to Amk Hub to meet...
sam,yokemin,sarah,jia xiang they all..

Sam were playing pool with 1 guy..
donno how to spell his name..=x
then jia xiang,yokemin,sarah were at the arcade..
Jia xiang catching winnie the pool bear for yokemin..
but end up donno y is sarah holding the bear.. hahaha..
tats werid... thinks sarah likes the bear bear too much liao.. .>.<

After sam finish playing the pool..
sarah went up to find them..
yokemin,jia xiang and me...
go downstair wait for them to come down..

After that we all went to eat dinner together...
after dinner.. sarah wanted to eat ice-cream..
so she went to mac and buy..
she ask yokemin to help her hold on the bear awhile..
then after she brought her ice-cream..
she tks back the bear from yokemin..
and said.. thank you..
*when she tks back that time..*
i saw jia xiang face was like.. abit shock..
and unhappy also..hahahha..BTH..
so i luff again..=x
(*because the bear was actually yokemin de..
they didnt say they giving sarah also... LOL.. >.<*)

After that they went back to catch the bear again..
this time the guy that i donno how to spell his name..
caught a bear for sarah.. hahahha...
Sarah was so happy that...
she passed back the winnie the pool bear that she holding to yokemin..
and she go take the new 1... LOL...
then yokemin told sarah that... eeee...
you holding this bear so long liao...
then you pass back to me and take the new 1...
yokemin was abit unhappy..
coz both new bears..sarah hold it 1st.. LOL..
then sarah hack care her and said..
this new bear that they just caught is hers...=x

So yokemin looks abit unhappy..
and came to tell me..
so i was at there luffing away...hahahaha...

But she don't want to say sarah..
because don't wanted to make every1 unhappy later..
hmmm... but i think.. no matter what..
we should tell her ya..
If not next time will have more misunderstanding..=P

See...sarah.. not that i wanted to say you..
but... hiyo...know what u have done already? =x
Must say sorry to yokemin orh~ >.<

Then after catching the bears..
we head to jia xiang house to play mahjong..
zara,sam,"guy" and jia xiang's mother..
play together.. later zara is tired and went to slp..
because she has to work tml...
sarah tks over her...

Sam and me tks turns to play..
in the end.. the "guy" won the most..
Jia xiang's mother was so poor thing..
she lose to all of us.. she has to pay us all..=(

Sarah helped zara won $5..
i helped sam won $1.. LOL..
and the "guy" won $19 or $29..
wow.. thats was so lucky of him.. =p..
then i keep saying him.. wah lao..
bully ppl's mother.. see la.. the mother black face liao..
hahahaha... di siaoing him..Xp

So thats the end.. and i'm so damm tired...
Good Nitez all... =)

Sad Day For Sam

Haha... it's was a sad day for sam...
i shouldn't luff actually.. >.< LOL..

He Fail HIS Traffic Police~~!!! expected.. =X
he always aiya.. can pass 1 la.. end up always fail..
got scold by his mother... KEEP ON WASTING MONEY~ haha...

He so Damm STUPID!!!
He got cheated by the tester.. he say the tester was a "ah neh"..LOL..
the "ah neh" ask him to turn right.. so he turn without notice that
the lane cannot be turn.. str8 away the "ah neh" fail him.. hahaha...
poor thing.. but who tell him gong gong never look properly.. >.<

So he has to book TP date again... haha...
Suay day for him... maybe is his bao ying for betrayed me.. =P

SinGaPore InDoor StaDiuM

Yesterday was a good show at singapore indoor stadium..
Saw Ou Xuan.. OMG~ she was sooo skinny and sooo small size...
BUT SOO PRETTY~!!! I love her eyes.. =)

End of the shows.. get all the stars that acted on the stage to sign on the sistic ticket..
wow.. i wonder if i can sell their signaure...hahhaa =x..

Because the ticket was really ex.. sitting on the 1st roll.. the stage is just infront of me..
So damm close.. the show was funny and the music was nice.. ^^

Good Job to everyone that acted on the stage.. 5 Stars~ =)

But i don't really feels good when the 3 guys actor acted as a female..
quite er xin.. LOL... >.<... but overall okok la.. quite funny... heex...

Hmmm... about the interview that yokemin, ming xuan and me went to...
i don't think we are selected... so werid...
it's been a week.. and we didn't get any call from them.. =(
i tot they say they need alot ppl.. o.0??
Make us waste our trip~ kns~

So we have to find another job again~ =.=..
so boring... and cashless.. but really lazy for work... >.<

Anyway.. i will stop here.. heex... will post another time ya.. ^^

A Waste Of Money

Yesterday night about 8.30pm wanted to meet teckwee go stanley house
and "KA MENG" to chase back my money.. >.<..
teckwee is kind enuff to help me.. =)
Thanks ya..^^

But i late till 9.00pm... teckwee worst then me.. lol..
he 9.00pm call me say 10-15mins will reach..
but i waited till 9.16pm he still haven reach..

At the other side i meet sam at amk hub..
about 9.15pm he told me that he buy movie ticket of the show call
=Claustrophobia= at 9.40pm..
he say alot of famous actor and actress in this movie.. should be quite nice..
so i was like.. oh... okay... because he ask me not to go find stanley..i said ok..
but i still go to try my luck.. =X... if he saw this blog.. i sure kanna scold..
coz i told him i took wrong bus.. tats y so long..
he waited for me at amk hub for 1hr++.. >.<
really sorry sam.. didnt mean to bluff you..
but i already did.. so i hope u wont find out.. wahaha..

So end up really didnt meet dao teckwee coz i not enuff time liao..
the show starting soon..
when i saw bus 88 comes at 9.22pm.. i think awhile and go up the bus..
so i got no choice but to msg teckwee tat will meet him some other times..
and thanks him for his kindness.. well he said ok.. ^^

Hmmm.. when i inside the bus i also msg sam.. ask him to wait for me at mac there..
but when i reach... i didnt even see him.. call also nv pick up...
soOOO angry~ but after 1sec after the call end.. he call me back..
i hang up his phone..>.<
it's so heavy.. and he wont auto wait for me at bus stop.. kns..
if it's qihua.. i think he will wait for me at bus stop.. no need me to say.. =.=..

so when sam gave me 2 missed call.. then i pick up..
and i more angry.. coz he ask me to go up 4th floor to find him..
he say if not will miss diao the show.. KNN...
i already angry when he didnt come down liao..
still wan me to go up myself.. so i angry.. and hang up the phone.. then tk lift go up..
and he gave me 2 missed call again.. then i pick up.. he say he already downstairs..
where am i? than i say 4th floor la... then he angry..
and said he looks like an idiot go down and up..
wah piang he ask me to go up de ma... kns...
so he say i put down the phone nv tell him ma..zzz..

So we went in to watch the show... it's just nice..when we sit down..
the show start... it's was a very lame show..=.=...
it has a few part of diff scene..
Keep on rolling back the time.. at first was...
1week ago.. then.. 1month ago...
then 1year ago.. then 2years ago.. then 3years ago..
WAH PIANG~ we watched for 1hr..
and didnt know what the show is about...zzzz
so sam decided to go... wasted $12 for the stupid movies.. lol...
the show duration was 100mins..
we watch till 60mins... REALLY LAME DAO~ BTH le..

So we go out of the cinema and went to macdonal for dinner/supper...
but i whole day didnt eat at all.. =.=
sam already eaten with his mum..
when he go for hair cuts at 6.00pm.. so UGLY~ >.<
Hmmm.. when we walk till mac.. it's already 11.00pm...
i eat spicy chicken wrap and ice milo..
and about 11.30pm tk cab home.. LOL...

Just come out awhile wasted......
$12 for movies.. $6 on mac.. $5 on cab.. Total: $23
for just 2hrs.. faint... well and thats the end of my story.. hahaha..
quite lame right... and i typed so long..
ppl must have read till pek chek.. wakaka..

SO~ ppl that wanted to watch this show~ PLEASE listen to my ADVISE~

HERE's The PictuRE Of The LAME SHOW~ --->>>


Hmmm... today look thru my's so many...
and it's so funny... some of the post i write...
was really wow.... i didn't know i was like that last time..

It's not like, what i will say now... hahaha..
example: [yay.. tml working... earn money]... dots...

From what u all know me now...
don't even think i will say that right? whahaha...

I think i have changes quite alot this past few yrs.. =P

Hmmmm... i just read2 the post on
haha.. and now.. i still wearing the ring that eunice gave me on my bday on 2004.. ^^
So... it's been 5yrs now... =).. see i love her so much...wahaha... muackz...

Well... i think i will stop here... i think my blog quite boring.. keep on writing and it's all words without photos... haha... sorry ar.. i seldom take photo.. even if i got tk pictures..
i also very lazy to upload in my computer.. =X...

半情歌 - 元若藍

花 接受凋零
風 接受追尋




你的祝福 一半甜的一半苦的


你的祝福 一半甜的一半苦的


Happy mother's day to all the mothers in this world~

Sleep alot today.... haha...
Had alot of dreams.. so cant sleep well...
I Dream of Qihua & Sam... both meet together.. and so on...LOL....

Hmm.. after i wake up... abit miss qihua.. =X...
But whatever is pass... has passed..... well.. i just have to get over it..>.<

Had dinner at SuShi Tea~ eat the new promotion Curry Rice with Fried EBI... cost $15..
Not included service charge and GST yet... SOO EXpensive... =p

Lucky not i pay.. hahaha... its so fulling... ^^
after that went back home... and Blogging... Friendstering...Facebooking...Cabaling...

Till 11 May 09, 7.33am... and i still haven sleep yet... hahaha...

Well.. i will stop here another day.. =)


Early in the morning... went for interview at Showa Denko HD Singapore with yokemin & ming xuan..

We must reach 2 Pioneer Crescent at 9am.. but we late.. almost 1hrs plus.. wahaha..
Lucky the person don't mind.. because the place is hard to find.. and LONG WALK~

We had to wait 1weeks for their call.. to see whether we are selected or not... =P
It's only Temp Job for 1mth.. ^^

After our interview, we take cab to my marsiling hse to find my ite cert..
but i cant find it..>.<... and we eat Lemon chicken at my hse downstairs...
the food was bad.. not nice to eat... donno how they manage to finish it.. hahaha..
but i'm the 1 the suggest to eat.. =X.. sorry.. last time the chicken rice was GOOD~
But i think they move to somewhere else...

At marsiling hse.. while finding my cert.. suddenly saw all of my things given by qihua..
All the memories of me and him pass thru my head..

Wow.. times passes fast... me and him has Started on 8 Aug 2004, Ended at 8 Feb 2009.
Long eh... and i donno why he suddenly hated me so much.. even block me in his msn.. =.=..
Quite hurt and sad.. but... i cant do anything ya..

Hmmm... after that i bring some of the stuff that he give me back to sin ming hse..
and i sleep all the way till night...

Thats the end for today.. =)

heex..i make alot of affort on tis blog to change the song the background the animated pics n the width of the box move to left n rite.. n so on.. finally..done finish.. the only thing i nv change is the colour of the words..gee.. abit lazy.. but i do all tis things.. waste alot of my time to play fly for fun lehz.. keke!! i spent about 3hours plus ok.. so long rite.. i need to find the animated pics n songs lo...keke.. kkz la.. tis is wat i have done liao.. don say me nv update my blog le arhz.. KRAD..keke..^^wahahz.. buai.. ~chao...

Wo Zhen DE Sho Shang Le (Zhang Xue You)

Chuan wai yin tian le Yin yue di sheng le
Wo de xin kai shi xiang ni le

Deng guan ye an le Yin yue di sheng le
Kou zhong de mian hua tang ye rong hua le
Chuan wai yin tian le Ren shi wu liao le
Wo de xin kai shi xiang ni le

* Dian hua xiang qi le Ni yao shuo hua le
Hai yi wei ni xin li dui wo you xiang nian le
Zen mo ni sheng yin bian de leng dan le
Shi ni bian le Shi ni bian le

# Deng guan xi mie le Yin yue jing zhi le
Di xia de yan lei yi ting bu zhu le
Tian xia qi yu le Ren shi bu kuai le
Wo de xin zhen de sho shang le

repeat *,#

Wo de xin zhen de sho shang le

today so boring.. so i sleep until nw.. rose server close down le.. sianz.. got nth to play.. supreme destiny i also forgot how to play liao.. diaoz.. damm sianz.. some more also nv go out.. wahahz!! so wish all teachers happy teachers' day..^^

oh ya.. ytd malaysia there 10pm got fireworks.. unitl 10.05pm^^.. saw it from my marsiling hse here^^.. very nice.. my dad n me watch together.. hahaz!! so weird.. but hor.. my hse infront got other blk.. block most part of the fireworks.. cant see the whole things..haiz.. sianz

(yesterday teacher said today lesson is juz as normal.. 9am - 4pm... the story started...)

me nw at sch.. Ms Nelly Lessons.. do finish my things already.. so come in n tag..hahaz^^...haiz.. so irritating.. today.. zhao zhi dao don come sch le.. sob.. come sch so early at 9am.. reach sch.. see the performs..(almost finish already.. coz is started at 8am -_-" ) den after the performs.. the section head give everyone 1hr break.. so after that 1hr break is our timetable de 1hr break ma.. dot.. so is 12.15pm den start sch lo.. sianz..den y we come so early to sch for... rite? so we decided to go J8 eat lo.. den half way bi xia go back to her secondary sch..diaoz.. so left we few ppl lo..^^.. after friend tat is (xinyi,phui leng,adeline,estella & jia xin) n me walking back to sch.. reaching interchange there saw my other classmate.. they tell us don't go back to sch.. coz teacher nv saw us.. then they can dissmiss earlier.. den if we nv go sch.. they can't dismiss earlier.. but if like tat.. our attendents will be all mark zero rite? so is not fair lohz.. than when we reach sch.. our 'mornin-ters' said.. the very 1st lessons she already mark us zero liao.. so wat for we come.. dot.. den i say y? she said.. becoz english lessons we nv go.. den i feel very weird.. how come? i tot no english lessons? den she said.. the section head give us 1hr break so is 9.30am break till 10.30am.. den 10.30am got english lessons till we noe rite.. so i go tell my form teacher..nelly lim.. she said..actually should be start lessons at 11.15am de lo.. coz all the teacher go meeting 1st dot.. so i said ya la.. 11.15 is our class break time wat.. tats y we donno got english lessons ma.. so it is not fair tat we marked as zero rite.. den my form teacher said okok.. diaoz.. den today actually study till 4pm de.. but den mrs foo n mrs chew they got meeting..if not wrong la.. tats y they r not free.. so ms lim lessons move up.. den we relased at 2++pm.. den.. before tat.. our classmate keep blamming us for coming back to sch.. dot.. how can they like tat rite? is not fair for us lo.. stupid them.. den i 'qualler' wif my 'mornin-ters' she said.. we should sms her n tell her we got come.. so she will mark us as presents ma..pls lo.. she is the 'mornin-ters' wat.. she should be sms us wat rite? stupid she.. donno wat she doing also.. haiz..damm.. got nthing to say her.. dot dot.. very not happy today.. muz well don go sch.. waste time only..^^ agree wif me rite? haiz.. so boring..^^

hmmm... hate tat stupid qihuahua... i told him tat.. if he still loves me.. still wanna be wif me.. don ever play warcraft.. also don ever ask me whether he can play warcraft or not.. and he said ok.. but he bluff me.. i saw him playing warcraft.. on 29Aug05 he told me tat he nv play warcraft actually he did.. he told me..when i juz nw ask him.. dot.. and i think he don love me anymore la.. i think he likes other gals den me liao..wahahaz..!! his warcraft games is important den me..humph...idiot guy rite.. guy cannot be trusted.. they all r lier..heex..^^ so today 30Aug05 is true n really.. i break up wif him already.. tats a good thing for him n me.. for him is.. no one will beat him n treat him like a dog anymore.. for me is... no need to angry wif him anymore.. good rite..heex^^ so tis is wat i wanna say for today^^... good Nite.. ppl^^

hmm... today after sch.. den go qihuahua hse n bath.. den ard.. 6+pm got someone call qihuahua home.. said he found his NRIC.. den.. we go tk from the person.. the person said only found his NRIC only.. sob.. so my things is gone liao..wawawa.. the person said he found it today at the 410 bus.. ard 5+ to 6pm like tat..sob.. den we tell the person we lost it.. 2days ago...sob.. so i think i need to do ez-link card n other things liao.. sob..waste $$.. diaoz.. secondary lost ez-link.. muz pay $10 to make a new one.. nw lost ITE ez-link card... dot.. have to pay $19 liao.. dot... dot.. really pocket have a BIG HOLE already...sianz.. keke..^^

Wat A Sad DAy..!!

Today 4+pm finish sch.. qihuahua come n fetch me.. we tk 410... after tat saw eunice on the bus.. i was very happy.. chat wif her n so on.. den.. when i wanna go lan lab online find ming xuan tat stop.. eunice ask me to lent her $1.. den we got off the bus.. hug hug n go..

at lan lab online play rose wif ming xuan till 6+pm like tat.. den i go to mac n eat.. after tat.. we go wait for bus.. n the worst thing tat nv happen to me before...Comes.. i lost my pouch!! [mostly i can find it back.. but tis time.. haiz...] i go back mac n find.. n ask the ppl got lost n found or not? but.. the manager said nope..

go to lan lab online ask have lost n found or not.. the person also said nope.. ofcoz we did try to search the places tat we sit la.. so we think maybe drop at the bus liao lohz.. but cant be la.. i rmb after lent eunice tat $ pouch nv drop out wat.. so weird..

so me n qihuahua tk 410 go to bishan interchange n mrt ask whether got lost n found or not? they also said nope.. haiz.. so heart broken liao.. coz inside got too many thing.. got my ITE EZ-LINK CARD!! tat i juz activated some more i put E-pass inside liao..diaoz.. only 6days ago nia.. sianz.. den inside also got qihuahua NRIC... plus my $70.. plus my Phone card..Plus my Debit Card.. n also My Hair Clips..wahahaz!!! wanna faint.. so many things is GONE!!!

so me n qihuahua go Toa Payoh there to make police report lohz... sianz.. hope some kind ppl will return it to me..

n nw.. bo bian use chin cheuch ez-link card again.. but donno y.. her card become adult value..diaoz.. faint rite.. so ex sia.. maybe is becoz tat section head call the transit link ppl tat time lohz.. den nw chin cheuch card become adult vaule...

qihuahua lent me his card to go home.. coz chin cheuch card cant have e-pass... sianz.. coz is become adult card liao ma.. diaoz..

when qihuahua tk 969 go home.. got ppl check card.. nw he is holding chin cheuch card.. but he got away.. i donno how? he didnt tell me.. den suddenly.. awhile more he msg me agian.. said there is another check.. dot.. so he bo bian.. go down the bus lohz.. so tat the ppl cant check on him ma.. so waste $$ den nw.. he donno tk wat bus again.. heex... he said hope there is no more checking..^^ keke.. wish him good luck den.. haiz.. so boring.. wat a Sad SAd Day... to Me.. n Qihuahua.. sob sob...

oh... ya.. wanna noe what happen to me? ended up at marsiling but not staying at sin ming anymore? hmmm... ok.. tis is wat happen... story begain....

on 7/7/05 which is thursday.. my mum come back from work.. donno she PMS or wat.. want me to move things.. call me to move the thing at the living room to my room there.. heex...

think u all feel weird rite.. coz tat room is rented to ppl.. but the guy donno wat happen think is fighting at geylang wif ppl.. den kanna caught by police.. so he is not staying anymore.. tats y nw is my room.. ok back to the story..

den i keep calling my mum pls don touch until my bed.. *coz i juz clean it* but i only tell her not to touch.. den donno is she 'gu yi' or wat.. she fold the blanket on my bed.. some more step on it..

kaoz.. at 1st i didnt saw.. coz i was moving the table tat she want me to move.. wif qihuahua la.. den move till half den saw she do tat.. damm angry.. so i told her.. tat...[ tot i told u don touch till my bed liao?]

but she pretent nv heard like tat.. after tat.. she swept the floor.. so qihua help me move the bed up.. den donno is she 'gu yi' again or wat?

she swept till my bed.. wao lao.. my anger is up liao lo.. den i said again.. y u touch my bed? wao lao.. den she shout at me.. said wat.. i 'yang orh' in teochew... mean is 'sar jiao' in chinese... dot.. den i told her i nv 'yang orh' lo.. is i angry lo.. den she shout again.. GO AWAY LA.. GO TO UR FATHER THERE LA... kao.. i damm irritated by her.. so i told her.. next time if u sick don call me to come back.. den she said don come don come la.. wao lao.. she got problem call me c0me no problem call me go.. think i wat? her toy or her ball? let her kick her n there arhz? humph..

so i tk my phone n pouch go lo.. den she said.. go liao don come back i tell u... den i nv bother her n go.. so tat night i go qihuahua hse n stay.. den in the morning.. lucky qihuahua sister got my sch cloth.. coz she study there before.. so she give me the uniform.. heex.. so i wear tat to sch.. plus her sis de black shoes..

den in 8/7/05.... time 11:37:10am my mum msg me... call me to move my everythings back to marsiling.. diaoz.. so i called my sis n said how? my sis call me to go back my dad there n stay.. sob..8/7/05 is me n qihuahua 11months together..

but i not even happy.. den some more on tat day he makes me angry... damm.. so irritated.. n tat is y i ended up staying in marsiling.. my bro move here too.. coz his camp is nearer to here lo.. so computer he also move to here.. nw sin ming got nth.. marsiling got tv pluz computer.. the only thing i don like is.. so far from sch n qihuahua hse.. n my dad always want me to come back home early.. plus he will not let qihuahua come in the hse.. coz he don like.. donno y.. so me n qihuahua time together is shorten by very much..hahaz.. tats y tat time i miss him.. keke...^^ donno y.. maybe is not use to it ba... keke..!!

but i nv move my everything from sin ming here.. i only tk the thing tat i will be needed lo.. den my bro 'advist' me to said sorry to my mum... n buy things tat she like for her.. so i can stay at her place... but hor.. to me.. i feel tat i got nth wrong wat.. y muz i said sry to her rite? hmmm... but it is quite difficut for my life.. if i don stay there.. so yup.. currently still staying at my dad place.. try hoping tat my mum will said sorry to me 1st^^.. but is impossible rite? hahaz.. but at least.. hoping lohz.. keke^^ the end of the story.. give me some "advist" on tis k..^^ thank you.. good bye.. have a nice day.. reading my blog.. hahaz.. so long 'winded' rite? but sry la.. it is wat happen in tis two days lo^^... keke.. ~chaoz....

heex.. krad i do some of ur quiz already... see i very good rite.. hahaz... not like max.. keke... hmmm... the customer service lessons settle liao.. my whole class all kanna the letter.. but 1 or 2 like tat nv kanna heex.. got some of my friend always come to the lessons also gets the letter.. so over all is not our fault is the teacher wrong..hahaz!! HENG ARHZ.. heex^^...lucky me^^

Hahaz^^..Riona Pic.. I like..!! hmm.. maybe tis is abit correct tat i think of myself..hahaz^^

The soul of a Happy Angel posseses you. You have
your turns, but most of the time your happy.
you like to hang out with your friends, but you
also like to take sometime to yourself. you
deal with school, but you know its not that
bad. you love your friends, and if you have a
lover, you are dedicated to them. you have a
good heart, and you know bad from good. you
know how to get yourself out of bad situations,
even when things look hopeless. you like to
help other people, even when it means you get
nothing in return. all in all, your a good
person. keep it up!

What Angel Soul Posseses Your Heart? (Beautiful pics , and long answeres)
brought to you by Quizilla

It is totally Wrong.. I'm not like tat..!!

The soul of a Warrior Angel posseses you. You dont
let anyone mess with you, and you are ready for
any bad thing that comes your way. your not
afraid to beak the rules, and more than once,
you have landed yourself into trouble. You have
your own clique of friends, but you are
definetly a leader, and not a follower. you
dont care what anyone cares about you, you like
to do whatever you please. boys aren't worth
your time, even though im sure you'll love
someone eventually. you like sports, and your
not afraid to get dirty. you hate people who
are afraid of little things, and aren't afraid
to tell them so.

What Angel Soul Posseses Your Heart? (Beautiful pics , and long answeres)
brought to you by Quizilla

Girls probably find themselves attracted to you and
don't know why themselves. There is something
really different and appealing about you and if
you haven't discovered it yet then you are
probably still putting yourself down about your
flaws. Ironically these flaws are where you
draw your charm from.

What kind of boyfriend are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

r You're Element is... Rain!! go you!! My favourite
Element is Rain!! Rain is all about beauty,
sound and vision. Rain likes Dusk, and people
who come out at Dusk, who cme to dance in the

Your Element (gonna finds some Anime pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

hmm.. so sianz..go see section head today.. n u noe wat? she call me to go return chin cheuch EZ-Link card to the transit link..siaoz wan.. n wan me to tell the transit link ppl to help me write a letter prove that i got return the card.. den i don cae her.. i juz said ya la.. ya la.. but after i go back class.. i den realise y muz i do tat? she is my friend i lent from her y muz i return to transit link rite? i should return to her wat..diaoz.. tat teacher really got something wrong..hiyo..!! cannot tahan her.. i think till nw she still don believe chin cheuch is my friend..Diaoz..!! really got nth to say her liao lohz... hmm... i think is yesterday.. recieve a letter from sch.. saying tat i was absent for customer service lessons.. hahaz.. den my dad ask me y like tat? i said donno... i also donno wat lesson.. den my dad said so is teacher type wrong la.. den i tell him i also donno..heex.. den i went back to my room den realise it was a lessons tat only 1 week 2 lessons in the same day.. n it is on tuesday.. i always nv go to sch on tuesday..coz very boring..heex..!! den nw donno how to tell my dad^^.. cannot tell him i pontang wat rite? hahaz..!! coz i keep on slping at sin ming hse nv go sch.. dad call me go ask teacher.. den.. nw wat to ask? i very blur.. diaoz..

heex..!! take alot of tis quiz from krad..hahaz!! coz she keep bothering...^^.. jk..!! copy the heex..welcom.... so on... from yihan n debbie webby.. wahahz^^.. i smart rite.. noe how to copy from them..^^.. oh ya.. tell u all something.. debbie said Normal (T) Ppl Are Very Stupid.. not like her got study Normal (A)... so those who is Normal (T) de ppl muz go beat her already.. heex!! she is so a irritaing gal n stupid gal.. hiyo.. tat time saw her at J8.. told me abt she n yihan got some problem.. so like abit petty her.. trying to make her laught.. coz she talks till she cry.. diaoz..!! after make her laught.. u all noe wat? she said to me.. Normal (T) ppl is nv to be clever.. n said NT ppl is stupid.. kaoz.. wanna beat tat tiny little debbie.. so some size wanna say ppl.. not scare ppl beat her 1 lohz.. hiyo.. lucky i good enough.. not like min jie they all.. if is them heard tat.. mostly jian wei.. confirm go beat her liao rite..better beat her till she send to hospital man.. hiyo.. she so ke siao 1 de lohz.. haiz.. nth to say her liao.. anyway.. i very hungry nw..wanna go eat le.. buai^^...

You are Black.

Boasting of Power and mystery, you make for an
interesting person. But careful, you may scare
off any potential freinds with your short fuse.

What Color Best Represents Your Personality?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmm.. abit weird arhz... i Don Like Pink Wor..!! Diaoz!!!

The girly one. You're more of the sweetest side of
a blonde. Your sweet, a cutie and proble like
pink fluffy things. You're not that smart and
get scaried eazy and you proble cry alot. You
hate being alone and are more of a dunce,but
you can be tough once in a while and your a
great friend.Rate^-^

What's your anime hair color? COOL PICS^-^UPDATED!!!
brought to you by Quizilla

oh.. ya.. yesterday forgot to curse tat section head.. heex...i curse her daughter if she have.. kanna dog fuck.. curse her son if she have... kanna durian hit till die.. curse her husband is a rapist kanna police catch.. n last but no least i curse her gone bankcrupt n force to go geylang become a prositute... wahahaz.. den everyday kanna difference GUY... *Lau Pei Pei* tat kind fuck her till she die..whahahz!! I'm Very DE Evil Gal^^...

!!..THE END..!!

haiz.. krad.. do some of ur quiz already.. happy? ^^.. today really a very bad day to me.. when i go sch.. i late for 15mins.. n teacher said have to stay back 1hr.. so ok lohz.. stay lo.. den after sch i go look for her.. she said help her finsh filing my class ppl document.. than i can go.. so not so bad.. the bad thing is.. when i go out.. qihuahua.. fetch me la.. den.. we was only hugging each other at the bus stop.. coz.. happy to see him.. donno y.. n he wanted to 'piggi back' me.. but is only awhile la.. den.. when the bus come..we was going up the bus.. 1 weird woman talks to me.. ask me for my bus past.. but i didnt bring.. i only got Chin Chueuh wan.. i use her EZ-limk card coz my card spoilt.. haiz.. den.. tat woman tk away.. she said.. on monday tk back from her.. than settle donno wat.. i donno wats was going on.. in the end relise she was my sch 1 of the section head.. heex.. she said got 5 section head was watching me n so angry.. coz i was wearing uniform n hugging qihuahua.. dot.. y cant i do tat? is only hugging wat rite.. they so "lao tao'' old 'faction'... so i have to go in the sch again.. to the office.. n they talks to me.. diaoz.. den call me to tire up my hair.. dot.. my hair long mehz? siao.. tel her no rubber band.. she said don care go n look for it den come back to her.. so got no choice have to tk back the card.. coz got EZ-pass in it.. plus my $3+ den.. i use my pouch string to tire lo..^^.. den after tat i go back to her she said wat... did i steal the card? den she call the "transit" ppl.. den they check anyone report lost on tat card not.. hiyo.. so bo liao.. den tel me to write a letter.. said is to confirm tat i got tat card on my hand.. so lame.. waste my time abt 1hr pls den let me go.. actually still got lots of thing la.. but lazy to type.. but all tat i said is the main thing la.. becoz of hugging qihuahua at the bus stop.. make so much trouble.. donno forwat.. tat section head really arhz.. donno how to say her la.. only can said she damm bo liao.. n got nth better to do ba..^^ heex.. monday still have to go see her.. she wants to se my ITE EZ-link card.. SO LAME.. dot.. after all tat i was thinking.. y i'm i soo.. stupid? from the 1st.. i should get up the bus n don care abt her.. coz i don even noe who is she at 1st place wat rite? how stupid i am.. hiyo.. waste so many of my precious time.. diaoz.. nw donno y my left eye jump.. hope is not a bad thing.. 'HA-LEH-LU-YA' "AMEN"... hope god will help me..^^.. THE END..!!

*Final Fantasy 8 (eyes on me)
I never sang my songs
On the stage, on my own
I never said my words
Wishing they would be heard
I saw you smiling at me
Was it real, or just my fantasy?
You'd always be there in the corner
Of this tiny little bar

My last night here for you
Same old songs, just once more
My last night here with you?
Maybe yes, maybe no
I kind of liked it your way
How you shyly placed your eyes on me
Oh, did you ever know
That I had mine on you?

Darling, so there you are
With that look on your face
As if you're never hurt
As if you're never down
Shall I be the one for you
Who pinches you softly but sure?
If frown is shown, then
I will know that you are no dreamer

So let me come to you
Close as I wanted to be
Close enough for me
To feel your heart beating fast
And stay there as I whisper
How I loved your peaceful eyes on me
Did you ever know
That I had mine on you?

Darling, so share with me
Your love if you have enough
Your tears if you're holding back
Or pain if that's what it is
How can I let you know
I'm more than the dress and the voice
Just reach me out, then
You will know that you are not dreaming

Darling, so there you are
With that look on your face
As if you're never hurt
As if you're never down
Shall I be the one for you
Who pinches you softly but sure?
If frown is shown, then
I will know that you are no dreamer

You are the horse. Fast and powerful. Unlike other
animals, you can talk with the wind. You have
such a strong personality that the slightest
bit of negitivity just rolls of your shoulders.
Your eyes are very hypnotizing. They show a
deeper you that you never let anyone see. You
are light hearted and when it starts to secretly prance in it.You cannot
stand people who pretend to be someone else
because you feel like they are lying to you.
You strongly believe that being yourself is the
most wonderful thing in the world. You laugh at
people when they try to put you down because no
one can rain on your parade!

What animal are you? Plz rate :)
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You are are emotional and sensitive.
You are good at feeling and being in your
emotions, but sometimes have difficulty
expressing your feelings in words.

What Element Are You?
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Iria - The Maiden of Emotions

What Maiden are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Akon (Lonely)

Lonely im Mr. Lonely,
I have no buddy,
For my owwnnn
Im so Lonely, im Mr. Lonely
I have no buddy,
for my owwnnn
Im so Lonely,

Yao, this one here,
goes out to all my playas out there man.
ya kno, that got that one good girl dog thats always been
there man like, took all the bullshit,
then one day she cant take it no more and decides to leave,
yeah, I woke up in the middle of the night,
And I noticed my girl wasn't by my side,
Coulda sworn I was dreamin,
For her I was feinin,
So I had ta take a little ride,
Back tracking on these few years,
Tryna figure out wat I do to make it go bad,
Cuz ever since my girl left me,
My whole life came crashin and I'm so....

Lonely (so lonely),
Im Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have no buddy (I have no buddy)
For my own (to call my own girl).
Im so lonely (so lonely)
Im Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have no buddy (I have no buddy)
For my own (to call my own girl).
I'm so lonely

Cant belive I had a girl like you,
and I just let you walk right outta my life,
after all I put u thru,
u still stuck around and stayed by my side, (by my side)
what really hurt me is I broke ur heart,
baby you a good girl and I had no right,
I really wanna make things right,
cuz without u in my life girl im so..

Lonely (so lonely)
Im Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have no buddy (I have no buddy)
For my own (to call my own girl).
Im so lonely (so lonely)
Im mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have no buddy (I have no buddy)
For my own (to call my own baby).
Im so lonely

Been all about the world ain't,
neva met a girl that can take the things that you been through.
Never thought the day would come,
where you would get up and run,
and I would be out chasing u
Cuz aint nowhere in the globe id rather be,
aint no one in the globe id rather see
then the girl of my dreams that made me,
Be so happy but now so lonely,

Lonely (so lonely)
Im Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have no buddy (I have no buddy)
For my own (to call my own, no).
Im so lonely (so lonely)
Im Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have no buddy (I have no buddy)
For my own (to call my own girl).
I'm so Lonely

Never thought that have be alone, (be alone)
I didnt hope you'd be gone this long, (gone this long)
I jus want u to call my phone,
so stop playing girl and Come on home, (come on home),
baby girl I didn't mean to shout, (no)
I want me and you to work it out, (work it out baby)
I never wished that Id ever Hurt my baby,
and its drivin me crazy cuz I'm so...

Lonely (so lonely)
Im Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have no buddy (I have no buddy, no buddy)
To call my own (to call my own, no).
Im so lonely (so lonely)
Im Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have no buddy (I have no buddy)
For my own (to call my own girl)

I'm so Lonely
So lonely(lonely)
So lonely (so lonely)
Mr. Lonely(lonely)
So lonely (so lonely)
So lonely (Lonely)
So lonely!!! (so lonely!!!)
So Lonely
Mr. Lonely

hahaz..max.. happy le ma? keke!! me update liao..gee!! copy abit of urs..wahahaz!! bleahz... someone call me to update ma hor.. hahaz!! sianz tml going to sch liao..arhhhzzz!! i hate sch...keke!! buai la..~chao..(^-^)...

You are Love
Love: You are bubbly, kind, and pure. You
enjoy the company of friends and those close to
you, and are just a generally happy person.
Your main desire is for those you care about to
feel appreciated.

What emotional state are you?
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hmm...!! MSN GOT VIURS... ppl will send a link n said... u will like it de msg... ask u to click..don click it..!! is a viurs.. coz i kanna ytd..wahahaz!! specs kanna it from me.. hahaz!! coz when i click.. it will auto send to all ur msn friends..tat is online de.. hahaz!! den specs wu liao go n click it.. without asking me wats is tat.. coz i didnt noe tat it send to everyone online... tats y lohz!! haiz.. sianz!! so ya... ppl be careful ya....hahahaz!!! kkz la.. nw at internet lesson..keke!! cya... buai....~chao..(^-^)...

Erm.. got two choice so take two time the quiz!! wahahz!!

You're Sensitive and you'd like to stay that way..
-Sensitive- You're Sensitive, and you'd like to
stay that way. Sorry,listened to a bit too much
Jewel there. You're sweet and very emotionally
charged. You definitely love the person you're
with, and always want to know how they're
feeling so you can make sure they're happy.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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Dot...PERFECT??? Siao de..!! wahahaz!!

You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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This Is The Fake One!!

This Is The Real One!!

I am Carbuncle
You are Carbuncle! Rather than attacking, you help
protect party members from taking damage.
You're always there when you're needed, and
you're a cutie to boot

What Final Fantasy summon are you?
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haiz!!! my mum rent one of the room to hong kong ppl to stay!! sianz!! so she wants me to go back my dad there stay!! sob.. so far.. later muz wake up early.. sianz la..!! i don wan!! hate her sia!! me nw at home using com... think tonite or tml morning the person will move in liao!! wawawa!!! cry.. hahahz!!! so sianz!! y she wanna rent room to ppl? n chase me out? wat kind of mother is tis rite!! don like her!! nv thinks abt me!! haiz!! talk abt her.. makes me more angry!! don say le!! sob...!!! :'( ...........>hope i can stay in her room if she let.. or living room also can!! keke!! oh ya!! me nw at sch give ppl call me zhi pi!! sianz rite??? me nw feel tat i more n more looks like ming xuan addtitude liao!! sianz!! AHHHHH!!!! i don wan!! hahaz!! n ming xuan changing to be like me le...hahaz!! we r changing personality... without our noeing.. gee!! but i discover it.. earlier.. but!! wawawa!! i cant change back to my ownself le...h0w??? h0w??? HELP ME!!!! all ming xuan fault.. chuan lan to me!! keke!!

Reincarnation: You are nice enough to go to heaven,
but Earth won't be as fun without you. So you
shall come back as someone or something else.
As a real optimist and lighthearted person, you
always see the good in things. People probably
respect you for your wonderful personality and
love for life. People like you make the world a
happier place (please rate my quiz)

**Where will you go when you die?**(now with pics)
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Also known widely as the Fire Bird, the phoenix is a profound symbol of life and rebirth. It has a life cycle of 500 to 600 years and after that amount of time, it sets itself on fire and dies in the flames. Then, after three days, it rises again from the ashes. It is a completely benign creature who lives in dew. It is said that the phoenix has a beautiful melodious song which grows ever more mournful as its life comes to an end. It is also a symbol of the sun and immortality.

What mythical beast best represents you?Take the quiz!

Humph!! nw is internet lesson... so de sianz!!! n kns too!! cant sign in to hotmail sia..!! haiz!! coz got the new viurs call 'I LOVE U' on mail la!! so watever mail i try like going in to -->yahoo mail...<--- also cant check on email wor!! sianz rite!! juz cant get in..donno at home de com can get in not!! hahaZ!! ban lai 8+am wanna email huahua de!! but cnt get in so..haiz!! mei you ban fai lohz!! keke!!! hao sianz oh!! lalala.... mei you dong xi zhuo..keke!! xiang qihuahua.. hahahaz!!! kkz lohz!! i taking lame things down here.. coz got nth to write!! ytd valentin's day me very de sianz!! sob!! coz at home slping..keke!! but at nite go eat at prata hse..!! wahahaz!!!! Muackz..!! really got nth to write le la.. keke!! buai...~chao..(^-^)..

hee!! happy nw? krad n max.. i change song liao.. gee!! always complain 1.. hahaz!! copy pei ming de song..keke!! aiya.. actually i like tis song very much too.. i also wanted to change song.. but donno wat song to replace it.. after i go pei ming webby.. hear tis song.. n i 'jue ding' use tis song.. wahahaz!! tis song is precious to me.. coz.. hahaz!! someone sang tis song to me before.. gee!! if the person read my blog.. the person will noe.. im talking abt her/him.. hahaz!! don let ur noe is a gal or guy..keke!! bleahz!! anyway.. me nw at home la.. my com still lag.. but hao yi dian dian liao..hee!! (^.^).. ok la.. i online for very long hrs le.. so cya ppl.. take care k.. buai...~chao... hee!! (^-^)..

Hoobastank (The Reason)

I'm not a perfect person
There's many things I wish I didn't do
But I continue learning
I never meant to do those things to you
And so, I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
And the reason is you

I'm sorry that I hurt you
It's something I must live with everyday
And all the pain I put you through
I wish that I could take it all away
And be the one who catches all your tears
That's why I need you to hear

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
And the reason is you
And the reason is you
And the reason is you
And the reason is you

I'm not a perfect person
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
And the reason is you

I've found a reason to show
A side of me you didn't know
A reason for all that I do
And the reason is you

hmmm... last 2days.. also tis internet lesson.. very sianz.. de.. but good la.. got lots of time to re create my blog... keke!! actually only change pic nia la..gee!! hmm.. long time didnt see ming xuan le..donno how is she le..keke!! miss u so much... hahahaz!! muackz!! nw at sch.. long time nv blog in liao..hee!! erm.. i nw study bishan ite... everyday muz reach sch by 8pm sharp..sianz rite.. so so early to me.. haiz.. me wanna go book keeping in office but cant get in.. become internet donno wat.. sianz.. but okok lo... haiz.. lesson very sianz also lehz... how ur liao? krad? heard u cant get in to 'dmd' amk rite.. kit keong said de.. than wat u doing nw lehz? erm... kkz la... gtg le.. bb.. oh ya.. my blog got sound not huh? hee!!

hihi so long long time nv post blog le hor..keke!! paisei got a new job.. but sux... today is the second day of my working day.. nv work on sat n sun..erm..the place very far from my hse..i stay marsiling but i work at bedok.. far rite.. me work from 8am - 5.30pm.. so every time i got to wake up at 5am in order to reach work place on time.. haha!! sianz.. i going to quit on the following tue.. wahahz!! coz i 1hr break time nia.. i stand for 8hr30mins wor... leg damm pain.. cant tahan tats y..hahaahz!! time le.. me at cyber..keke..tpc mac upstairs..ok..buai.. ppl..~chao...(^-^)..

finally no more exam at sec sch.. coz.. no more studying at sec sch le ma... hee!! sianz sia.. cant find a new job.. me going to quit mac tis week le... haiz... who can jie shao wo work? at least 1hr $5 one? gee!! hard to find job... lazy to work too.. but cnt.. no work no money... hahaz!! okok la... nth more to say le... so erm... farewell all the sec sch classmate... whahahz!!

hahaz... HAppy National DAy.... ppl..keke!! yesterday 8/8/04 go watch fireworks.. is like WOW.... damm nices sia.. not tat i didnt see before fireworks la.. is tat... i watch at the esplanade there.. wif one of my friend than we wait till ard 8.30pm the fireworks starts.. is like juz 5mins nia lo... but the 5mins is damm 'Hua' lo... the fireworks is like juz infront of u so big that i keep moving my head back... than the sound is so loud tat my heart... also wanna break liao.. keke!! hmm... anyway.. is fun lohz..keke... but damm lots of ppl there... after tat i go find eunice... hug her.... n she 1st time hug me for so long... keke!! donno wat happen to her also...gee!! anyway ya.. i tml got work... so i don intent to write so long... so.... yup... buai... cya ppl... ~chao... tata... hee!!